Frequently asked questions

How to install the Letter board?

All Letter boards are supplied with the hanging kit simmilar to standard picture hanging kit. With small Letter boards you will also get 3Dprinted stand which will hold it on any flat surface like your desk top or a bar next to your coffee machine. Large Letter boards are coming with split batten and you will need a hand for these. All instructions are in the box but you will need some basic tools to do it. Another options are to call your handy neighbour or email us and we can arrange our installer to do it but standard install fees will be applied.

Letter board was damaged in transport?

Please take the photo of the damaged packaging immediately when received and damaged goods, email us the photos and we will send you another one for free. We will contact the courier company.

How do I clean the Letter board?

Use clean, slightly wet cloth and gently wipe it in grooves direction. Do not use harsh chemicals or alcohol as you may damage the fabric or the frame.

Can I change Letter board fabric?

Fabric only can't be changed but you can purchase frameless board with another fabric color in the size of your existing frame and replace it yourself. You will need some basic tools to do it.