Custom Signs + 3D Printing.

Custom Made Signs

Have a sign in mind?

We can create a custom design that caters to your home, shop, or next major event. With custom colour options available and locally sourced, recycled materials where requested, we’ll make the best damn sign you’ve ever seen.


Ready to get high tech?
We use leading software to design, build, and polish off your next larger than life print job.

First things first—you should know that the Printerra team got into custom sign-making after working in the advertising industry for over 10 years and found it boring. What we wanted to do was pursue a traditional art form that involved printing, custom sign making, and a trade—what we got was mass manufacturing, heavy production waste, and boring duplicates of the same old sign.

Enter 3D printing.

Read all about it!

Unless you’re living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard talk about 3D printing in recent years. (You might have even thought—what the heck?!)

As one of our most favourite mediums to work with here in the Printerra shop, we thought it high time that we lay some ground rules as to what this innovative technology is, isn’t, and how it can transform the traditional print and sign making industries around Australia.