15mm, 20mm or 25mm

Additional Letter Sets


Feeling chatty? Pick up extra letters and symbols for your Printerra letter boards in white, black, and custom colour codes. 

Including 467 letters and symbols, each set is available in 15mm, 20mm, or 25mm for those days when a quick summary just won’t do.

If you are selecting a custom colour for the board letters, please let us know the closest PMS colour code above.

What To Expect

An additional 467 letters and symbols in the colour of your choosing.

Mini + Small Printerra Letter Boards:
These boards include one a set of 15mm and one set of 20mm letters with their original purchase.

Medium, Large + Huge Printerra Letter Boards:
These boards include one set of 15mm, one set of 20mm letters, and one set of 25mm letters with their original purchase.

Ideal For

Letter Boards are fantastic options for:

Opening Hour signs at cafes, restaurants, and markets.
Welcome and direction signs at weddings and indoor/outdoor events.

Please note our letters are biodegradable so if you’re having an outdoor event, please ensure your sign is protected from the elements!

Materials + Care

Our Letter Boards are Australian-made from locally sourced materials.

Letters are made from cornstarch which makes them 100% recyclable. While we’re proud to offer this earth-friendly solution, please keep your board indoors or protected from the elements if placed outside.

Do not wash the Letter Board fabric. If you have to clean it, use a soft, damp cloth, and gently remove any smudges or debris.

Our letters are small and symbols are small. Please keep them away from pets and children!

Size Guide

Letters are either 15mm, 20mm or 25mm in Height.
If you are looking for a custom size, please contact us directly.

View our size guide here

Shipping + Returns

All products are custom made in Sydney. Our turnaround time is 7 days from order placement.

Our couriers aim to deliver your products within 3-7 working days across Australia from the date of studio dispatch. If you are local, you can also arrange to pick up your project in Sydney, New South Wales.

While we do offer a 30-day exchange policy, we do not offer refunds.

All Printerra products come with a 12-month warranty.

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