Sydney 3D Printing

What's 3D Printing?

Unless you’re living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard about 3D printing in recent years. (You might have even thought—what the heck?!)

We use leading software to design, build, and polish off your next larger than life print job with a faster lead time for even the craziest sign ideas.

As one of our most favourite mediums to work with here in the Printerra shop, we thought it high time that we lay some ground rules as to what this innovative technology is, isn’t, and how it can transform the traditional print and sign making industries around Australia.

How it works


One good thing to know is the importance of getting the brief specifications right before we go to print. Not sure what you’re looking for? Speak to our team about mocking up prototypes to confirm your specs before we create a final design.

Material and Colour Selectiontally-Friendly

Speaking of such–the choice is yours when it comes to 3D printing. Following the PMS (Pantone Matching Scheme) colour codes, we can mock up and duplicate almost every colour imaginable to ensure your 3D printed sign meets the brief. New to PMS colour codes? Not to worry–we can lend a hand during this part of the project prep process as well.


The final thing to know about 3D printing is: it’s FAST! Hella fast. Much faster than traditional sign making methods. Fantastic if you’re working to a tight deadline, faster production time also means making the most of your project resources–from dollars spent to early delivery dates.

Benefits of 3d printing


Unlock a new realm of customisation, 3D printing enable us to craft unique signs, props, and myriad other items tailored to exact client specifications. This technology transcends traditional manufacturing limits, turning vision into tangible, bespoke creations with unparalleled precision.


3D printing offers a cost-effective solution. 
By streamlining the manufacturing process and reducing waste, our company can deliver high-quality products without the hefty price tag of traditional methods, ensuring clients receive value without compromising on quality.

Complex Geometries

Nothing is impossible anymore, we harnesses 3D printing capability to produce intricate designs, from detailed signs to multifaceted props. With 3D printing, the constraints of yesteryear's fabrication methods are bypassed, allowing for the realisation of even the most ambitious and sophisticated creations.

Called us biassed–but we see no reason to go back to traditional sign making methods. From fast turnaround times to significantly fewer errors, 3D printed signs offer every sign maker and client an efficient, fun and fast way to create a show-stopping custom sign.