Sydney custom signs

Have a sign in mind?

We can create a custom design that caters to your home, shop, or next major event. With custom colour options available and locally sourced, recycled materials where requested, we’ll make the best damn sign you’ve ever seen (that's our quality assurance policy. "The best damn sign you've ever seen.)

We 3D Print custom signs

Driven by values and a dedication to make signs not-so-boring, Printerra’s team of sign makers and 3D printing specialists only have one requirement: we don’t do boring.

Whether you want to create a custom sign for your wedding, engagement party, store front, or next corporate event, we uphold the same promises for every client and every one of our 3D printed signs:

Locally made

You heard us–we make everything in house right here in Sydney, Australia from locally sourced materials. No more navigating multiple time zones or wrangling with overseas shipping costs, we can work with you directly in-house, by phone, or by email to get your project right before we even begin.

Designed to specifications

Working to specific brand guidelines? No problem–we’re masters in getting it right. From specific PMS colour codes to fonts and size specifications, we use the latest 3D printing technology to ensure your custom sign is completed to exact specifications every time.

Nation-wide Shipping

Going off grid? Can do! If your next film or photo shoot or major event is remote, we recommend getting in touch with us from day one to ensure we can complete your project and have it shipped off before the big day. While we work well under pressure–we don’t want to add extra stress to your project. Speak directly with our 3D printed sign makers to discuss your needed turnaround time and we’ll see what we can do.

And to cap it all off? We’re environmentally-minded. Wherever possible, we work with locally sourced supplies and can incorporate eco-friendly materials when requested. How’s that for shaking up the 3D printing market?

Benefits of 3d printed SIGNS

New to 3D printing technology? Not to worry – we’ve worked with quite a few clients who want a fabulous, custom-made sign and knew that 3D printing was the best way for us to do it. Among the many pros (no cons) of creating 3D printed signs, there are:


First things first–it’s good to know that 3D printing is a computer-led process. (Similar to CAD or computer assisted design.) This means that the margin of error is significantly reduced (if not eliminated) due to the technology’s production process.

One good thing to know is the importance of getting the brief specifications right before we go to print. Not sure what you’re looking for? Speak to our team about mocking up prototypes to confirm your specs before we create a final design.

Material and Colour Selection

Speaking of such–-the choice is yours when it comes to 3D printing. Following the PMS (Pantone Matching Scheme) colour codes, we can mock up and duplicate almost every colour imaginable to ensure your 3D printed sign meets the brief. New to PMS colour codes? Not to worry–we can lend a hand during this part of the project prep process as well.


The final thing to know about 3D printing is: it’s FAST! Hella fast. Much faster than traditional sign making methods. Fantastic if you’re working to a tight deadline, faster production time also means making the most of your project resources–from dollars spent to early delivery dates.

Called us biassed–but we see no reason to go back to traditional sign making methods. From fast turnaround times to significantly fewer errors, 3D printed signs offer every sign maker and client an efficient, fun, and fast way to create a show-stopping custom sign.