We are Printerra.

The most enthusiastic sign people and printers in Sydney, beloved by more than 94% of those who work with us. 

We live and breathe signs, banners, posters.
(Please don’t say ‘signage’. It sounds too much like ‘cabbage’ or ‘baggage’.
We prefer ‘signery.’  Like ‘finery.’ Going into the world looking your best.)

We’re especially good at creating signs that help people find you, notice you, and like you.
So they say, “Let’s go there.” Or, “I like it here.” Or “Ooh, look.”
We can put you on paper, on buildings, trucks and vans, storefronts, containers and packaging.

We work directly with business and property owners. We also work happy, anonymously and behind the scenes, with agencies and design firms who need world-class sign solutions for their clients.

Printerra can consult and recommend. Since we know all the possibilities, options, constraints and technical issues. And what, ugh, wouldn’t work at all.

We can work from your existing artwork or graphics. Or we can design from scratch.
We will handle the mechanics of production, and the nuts and bolts of installation.

And even do a grand unveiling with fanfare you wish. (As we said, we love this work.)

Please call or email. We answer right away.  (We love this work.)

We'll be more than happy to post you few samples of our products so you can feel the paper, banners and vinyl
print quality and finish or even visit you with 3D lettering sample box— that’s free of charge, obviously!


All orders are delivered to you or your client in white label packaging. You seriously don’t need to worry about this.



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