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3D Printing and How to Match Your Branding Colour

We get it, you need to stick to your branding guidelines, and the last thing you want is to dream up an event only to walk into a room full of 50 shades of blue.

Instead of leaving any part of our design and production process to chance, there are a couple of steps that we go through to make sure your 3D printed sign/project stays on brand.

Currently in the planning process? Read on to learn more about the basics of the colour matching systems, why we stick to it for each and every project, and how you can easily learn the ropes to ensure your next event is your best one yet.

The Basics of Colour Matching

3D printing material comes readily available in a limited number of colours, which means that any additional or non existing colours are created on demand.

The fact that the basic colours are readily available, makes the project quicker to produce. So our first attempt is always to match your banding colour to the existing ones. If this is way off your branding guide, there’s always a Plan B, which is called Colour on Demand Service.

Colour on Demand Service is currently only available through the company ColorFabb in Europe (don't worry we won't fly you to Europe). The whole process to create a custom colour will obviously take longer, meaning you’ll need to leave more time for your 3D project to be completed, but we’ll help you in the process.

Finding Your Custom Colour

If we can't match you to our readily available colours that we keep in stock, ColorFabb has a base of 200+ RAL readily available colors, and if this is not enough for you, they can basically mix for you any color you desire.

The threshold for a custom colour has never been so low in the history of 3D printing, so the project we design and create for you is exactly as expected, no matter how big or small your job is.

The production process at ColorFabb is strictly controlled from one order to the next, and this ensures the color is the exact same on every order placed.

The process of custom colouring lasts roughly two - three weeks with additional time for the material to be transported from Europe to our warehouse in Australia.

Following Your Design Guide to Craft a Custom Made Sign

Once we receive your custom coloured  3D printing material, we can start 3D printing your custom made sign/project.

(Going in without a dedicated colour scheme? You can always speak with us about your event / product / campaign vision and we can take it from there. If you don’t have a dedicated colour palette (yet) we can help flesh out your ideal outcome and piece together your custom made sign project from there.

Like we said–there are those of you who don’t immerse yourselves into custom made sign design and production everyday. (What do you do with your time?)

If this sounds like you–not a problem. You can reach out to us and we can start the conversation about where and how to begin.

Dedicated to handcrafting and 3D Printing Australia to a better sign status quo, we can work with party planners, brand managers, and solopreneurs country-wide to help design the sign of your dreams - so you don't have to look like everyone else. 

Ready to begin? Click through our site to check out some of the other pieces we’ve crafted…Need extra help? Reach out to our (mostly) friendly Sydney-based sign makers (us) today... (the sooner you get in touch, the quicker you'll get your custom colour sign/project). 

October 17, 2022