The Importance of Custom Printing and Print Press


Have you heard the story about how Printerra came to be? If not, click here. (Or just know that we worked in traditional advertising and print solutions for more than a decade—and it got boring, fast.)

Dedicated to levelling up the printing services game around Australia, our team is committed to continually growing, expanding, learning, and innovating our skills, tools, and equipment. Why? Read on to learn more about the dangers of sticking with the Tagus quo—and why custom printing solutions are important for small businesses, the economy, and creativity alike.

Why Mass Manufacturing Isn’t Always the Custom Printing Answer

We appreciate the economies of scale that come with mass manufacturing. Print a lot, reduce the cost, and save a lot of money. 

Unfortunately,—that’s not how we do business over here.

Fashion, technology, and even printing have gone by the way of churning out fast products and services in recent years. Far removed from the traditional print press industry that flourished during the Industrial Age, most current print, design, and planning solutions on the market are made to save clients money, time, and energy.

Unfortunately—that’s not always a good thing.

We believe in the art that goes into great design. We believe that there is more to great design than simply meeting a ‘Call-to-Action’ that will entice your customers to buy. So what do we believe in?

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Leveraging technology to help draft, design, and produce custom solutions

Recognising the inefficiencies and outdated-ness of traditional models of large-scale advertising printing, our team has opted to dive back into the more traditional methods of working hands-on with our signs—with a bit of a modern twist.

Now pairing the art of traditional craftsmanship and using technology to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and push the boundaries of what’s possible for the sign making industry, we like to think we’ve hit the nail on the head between old and new. How?

  1. We respect and maintain the mastery that goes into traditional printing methods and want to ensure that the art doesn’t get lost.
  2. We love (love!) technology and the latest trends currently available to those working in design including 3D printing, CAD, and earth-friendly materials.
  3. We’re taking the best of both worlds and have crafted a unique style of work that pairs craftsmanship with innovation to maintain the integrity of great printing with fast turnaround times, eye-catching designs, and sustainability.

See? Mass manufacturing is not always the way forward. Potentially harmful to the planet, waste heavy, and sometimes (sometimes!) sacrificing excellent, investment-worthy quality for lowered costs, mass production just isn’t the way we do things around here.

And we think that’s a good thing.

Printerra’s Old Meets New Custom Printing Signs Services

Printerra exists for one very specific reason: to get rid of boring signs Australia-wide.

To make this mission happy, we’re continually mastering our trade, upskilling, and getting to know the latest technology that can help us fine tune our art.

Working with brands, businesses, and families to bring their sign visions to life, we handcraft each piece from our Sydney-based studio and ship around the country.

If you sound like us and are over traditional letter boards, advertising, and terribly-made signs, then give us a ring. We can walk you through the process from start to finish and have you joining the movement of old meets new in no time.

February 18, 2022